Terms and Conditions

Offers and orders

Our offers are not binding, whereby an effected offer does not produce any legal connection for us. The acceptance of an offer by the buyer takes place without exception under that in the following stated sales and delivery conditions. Of it deviating, on the part of the buyer given conditions unfold only then effectiveness if these had been accepted an confirmed in written form by us. Orders under EUR 50,00 total value will get an Lower-quantity surcharge by EUR 5,00 added, unless nothing ells has bin agreed..


All Prices in our offers, confirmation of orders and pricing list understand themselves as net/ unit, from depot Graz exclusive of the legal value added tax.For orders with are delivered 2 month after contract conclusion, an increase of the delivery price can take place via us around that amount, by which the cost price for the representative product for us increased in theme and time. Accordingly we have in the same form to pass on also a decrease of the cost price to the buyer.

Dates of delivery

Delivery dates with were confirmed by us are no fixes dates, accordingly no failure to delivery can occur on our side. Partial deliveries are permissible. In the case of an unusually long delivery time, the buyer has the possibility to set an industry standard respite under setting an fixes date and to step back of the existing supply contract after elapse of this date. Thus connected payments of damage claims from the buyer at us due to easily negligence actions are expressly excluded..


With delivery at a local transport as well as transport enterprise the price danger turns into on the buyer.


We are not, except of door businesses (§ 3 KSchG) obligated to accept a Buyer resignation from a making contract. A resignation, except of door businesses (§ 3 KSchG) is only with a written Confirmation from us possible. In that case we reserved the right to offset the costs developing on cancellation the making contract against the buyer

Terms of payment
In the confirmation of order the buyer will be informed about the each order valid terms of payment. We reserved the right to demand for cash payment or cash on delivery from some businesses. Bills of exchange will only be accepted after a separate agreement by us. Connected to that deployed costs will be charged to the buyer and have to be paid immediately.If the financial position of the Buyer or those Acceptors during a bill of exchange, after conclusion of a contract and before delivery the goods, we can postpone the delivery date till the purchase price sum has completely be paid If the financial position of the Buyer or those Acceptors during a bill of exchange, after conclusion of a contract and before delivery the goods, we could postpone the delivery date till the purchase price sum became paid. If a buyer is being delayed in a payment could we postpone all our liabilities in regard to contracting party up to ending of delayed or cancelling the contract after set of a appropriate respite. In case of a guilty delay we expressly reserve the right for payment of damage claims, we are also especially authorized charge interests of 12% p.y.

Ownership reservation

The delivered goods remain up to the complete payment of the demanded purchase price in our ownership

Complaint and guarantee

Regarding guarantee the regulations of the §§ 922 ff ABGB apply. For the case of an defective Product we reserved the right to replace it foran function product of the same type so the buyer has no claim to change type or getting a lower price..

Product liability

We sell technical articles which require technical knowledge. In particular the regulations are over the normal handling consider. For damage by inappropriate handling and/or use developed one does not cling.

Place of fulfilment and legal domicile

As place of fulfilment the contract parties agree the place ofthe seller in 8041 Kalsdorf, the local competence with complaints against the buyer is regulated by §14 KSchG. The contract parts agree upon the exclusive applicability of Austrian law.

General Information

If some parts of our terms of sale and/ or terms of delivery should be inoperative the remaining regulations are not influenced

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